Every Home and Small Commercial Property Should be Safe; Well Maintained; and Have a Problem Free Environment

My business background as a CEO and management consultant, primarily doing business in the United States, has always been directed to improve the operating efficiencies and financial health of companies in distress.  It is a natural progression that I find myself doing the same thing again.  Except this time directly for people.  Arterra Management Group has evolved from a business advisory group doing corporate "turnarounds" into a diversified property service organization. 

And yes, I take it personally.  You have my commitment that we will do our best to ensure your experience is positive.  My direct line is 403-999-6097.  I hope to hear from you.

Michael Humphrey

I was semi-retired when I decided to volunteer for a month in High River during the 2013 flooding.

​I became involved within the restoration industry leading teams.  I enjoyed helping people and the challanges it provided me.  There was no routine and each project is different.  Every day mattered.  I still enjoy demolition work and restoring a property to better than its original state.  Fixing a leaking fawcet or maintaing a beautiful yard for someone is gratifying too.

I learned three important things volunteering during the flooding.  The emotional well being of people during an emergency is more important than the damaged property they own.  Properties can be restored however memories, pictures, memorabilia and original documents cannot be replaced.  Secondly, everyone deserves to have a home (rented or owned) where they can be safe, comfortable, and live without any fear of having something unexpectedly go wrong.  I have seen dozens of families suffer when they least expected to.  Lastly, Alberta has a labour force of skilled and compassionate contractors with families who also experienced the flooding of 2013.  We still work together each day to assist people in their homes.  I am proud to be among them. 

Arterra is an extension of my 2013 experience in Southern Alberta.  We assist people everyday in our attempt to make a difference.  Thankfully, there isn't as much suffering but I still enjoy it.