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Regulated By Alberta and British Columbia

Occupational Health & Safety



 *  Roof Felt & Shingles

   *  Stucco

   *  Soffit & Insulating Board

   *  Textured Walls & Ceilings

   *  Asbestos Cement Board

   *  Outlets & Switches

​   *  Wallboard Filling Mud & Patching Compound

​   *  Window Putty

​   *  Vinyl Tiles & Linoleum Sheeting

       (Including Adhesive)

​   *  Insulation On Electrical Wires

​   *  Heat Reflector For Wood Stoves

   *  Loose, Blown-in Insulation

​   *  Incandescent Light Fixture Backing

   *  Cement Roof Gutters

​   *  Artificial Fireplace Logs & Ashes

   *  Acoustic Tiles

   *  Deck Under-sheeting

​   *  Asbestos Pad Under Fireplace Hearth

   *  Pipe Insulation

​   *  Backing Behind Recessed Lighting

   *  Boiler & Furnace Insulation

Asbestos Hazards

In Demolition & Renovation

Asbestos is extremely hazardous to people's health.  Asbestos fibres are small and visually undetectable.  They can stay in the air for hours.  If you are renovating or demolishing a home or commercial property you must ensure fibres are not released into the air.  It is a shared responsibility of the owner, contractor and environmental consultant.

​What is Asbestos?

​Asbestos is a strong, fire-resistant mineral fibre.  Historically asbestos was used as insulation against heat or noise, and for fire protection.  It was also added to materials such as cement and plaster to give them more structural strength.

What Are My Responsibilities?

You are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all workers present at your home or work place.  You are also responsible for protecting the public from any asbestos-contaminated air.  When doing any demolition or renovation work you must follow Alberta Occupational Health and Safety  "OH&S" Regulations.

​What Do I Do Prior To Demolishing or Renovating

​ 1.  You must have a qualified person inspect the site to identify asbestos                 containing materials that are to be disturbed, handled, and removed.

​ 2.  "OH&S" must be notified of a project at least 72 hours prior to asbestos              removal work starting.​  Each job is recorded and the chain of command is        monitored from the beginning of a project to it's completion which is the            recording of waste disposal.

 3.  Qualified, trained and certified workers must be used to ensure the all a             asbestos material is removed and disposed of properly.​​