Mould can cause health issues for residents and employees.  Usually it is hidden away underneath carpets, vinyl flooring and sub floors, in attics, above ceilings and within wall cavities.  Unlike asbestos, if it is not completely removed and the source problem remedied, it may appear again.  Often people believe the problem ends when they wipe mould with an antimicrobial agent and put it in a garbage bag.  Unfortunately if the root problem is not identified and rectified, mould can re-appear in 24 to 48 hours.  Mould is a living organism and spores are in the air.  Moisture build-up, humidity, and lack of air movement are common reasons why mould spores grow in homes and commercial properties.

The health issues associated with mould are real and can affect everyday life.  Health symptoms associated with mould include:

    *  Coughing                     *  Build up of phlegm            *  Dry, scaly skin

    *  Eye Irritation               *  Sneezing                              *  Wheezing

    *  Runny & stuffy nose  *  Watery eyes                        *  Shortness of breath

Mould allergy symptoms vary for individuals.  What may be unproblematic for one family member or employee could be severe for another.  Symptoms are the result of an "over-triggered" response to a sensitive immune system.  People with predisposed allergies and asthma are more susceptible to the presence of mould.

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We provide asbestos material surveys, air quality monitoring, certified and safe asbestos removal, and risk assessments including exposure control plans, building management plans.  

​Why Would I Consider Your Services?

  • ​To assist with a potential real estate sale, purchase or valuation
  • To infuse specific expertise into a corporate health and safety plan
  • To determine asbestos locations and content within a building prior to a renovation or demolition
  • To assess risk and determine a strategy which ensures protection for  everyone prior to an abatement for removal
  • To have an experienced and  independent perspective for planning
  • To ensure you are compliant with Occupational Health & Safety regulations and guidelines in Alberta and British Columbia
  • To ensure your property abatement is successful and reduce your liability exposure

We are experienced dealing with both commercial and residential asbestos projects from planning to completion including surveys and assessments, monitoring, removal and disposal.  It can be a safe process and our experience without incident will be helpful for your peace of mind knowing that it was done correctly.  Ensure you are safe in your property during a project and for years thereafter.  

Simply complete our contact form and we would be pleased to discuss how we may help you.  Some projects are completed on a "one time basis" quickly however many commercial ones can be staged over years to fit your strategic planning and financial needs.

If you are a renovator, property owner, a realtor, an investor, a senior executive or a safety officer, we can assist you with your planning decisions.