​​Our Vision, Mission and Principles


To ensure each home or small commercial property is safe; well maintained; and provides a healthy living environment for people.


To make the Arterra Group of companies the premier provider of integrated property services for Alberta residents and businesses.

Guiding Principles

People:  Arterra will provide opportunities for employees and partners to achieve their potential in a supportive, team-oriented environment, for the purpose of continuous improvement and growth.

Partnership:  We will build long-term, value-added relationships with our people, business partners, industry regulators and our customers, based on a foundation of trust, respect, and integrity.

Safety:  Arterra will exercise the best practices that constitute safe conduct to protect our people, the public, and the company.  We will be compliant, respectful and professional in all our site activities. 

We will strive to be innovative and pro-active when providing value and solutions for our customers.

Core Values:

  • Respect - customers, employees, and contractors contribute to our success
  • ​​Honesty - we are truthful in everything we do
  • Execution - if we cannot do a job well, we will not do it
  • ​Dependability - every job done well everytime
  • People First - we exist for others
  • Trust - it doesn't "start with trust"....we earn it
  • Value - great service measured by our customers