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We Will Not Invoke Fear To Get Your Attention.  Do Not Be Alarmed.  We Are Experienced and Certified.  The Process Is Predictable and Your Home Can Be Made Safe Again.


  • ​To avoid any conflict, we use an independent lab analysis for results
  • ​A mould and asbestos sampling test is done with various materials throughout your home
  • ​Results are available within a few days
  • ​The City of Calgary requires an asbestos "sign off" for renovations and demolition permits. 
  • Our professionals will restore a safe environment for you & your family
  • ​Asbestos is a natural mineral with many construction benefits commonly found in homes and commercial buildings prior to 1995
  • ​Mould is a type of plant that belongs to the fungi family
  • ​Asbestos is regulated by Alberta Occupational Health & Safety
  • Mould remediation is monitored by Alberta Health Services
  • Asbestos in your home is not harmful if it is not disturbed or unfriable
  • ​Mould can be harmful to your health.  It grows indoors and outdoors often in places with lots of moisture, high humidity, and insufficient ventilation
  • ​Mould spores are only harmful when they are airborne

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