How We Do Business


​"To ensure each home or small commercial property is safe; well maintained; and provides a healthy living or working environment for people.  We do this one customer, one property and one project at a time."  We do it safely.  Arterra Property Services follows all guidelines and legislation related to mould and asbestos outlined by both Alberta and British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety.  We have safety policies to protect workers on our site.  They include specific job certification standards and policies such as asbestos training, face mask fit tests, on site rules of procedure, risk assessments, and daily safety meetings.  We have completed dozens of commercial and residential hazardous jobs without incident. 


We are lawful.  Some of the work we do such as cutting grass is straight forward and makes common sense.  Most people could do it if they had the time.  However, how the work is performed is always important in what we do.  For example an asbestos abatement or mould remediation is regulated and specialized work.  Assessing a home and completing work for this type of project requires training, certificates, and mandated procedures.  We follow these guidelines.  We will not perform work if we believe we are being non-compliant.  Non-negotiable.  We perform our work in a manner you know everything is the way it should be.


What we know, you know.  We not only perform work for you but do our best to make your experience with us positive.  If we feel there is a better way to move a project to your advantage, we will tell you.  


Execution is important.  Doing a job well the first time over and over again has a positive effect on customers.  Consistency we will retain customers.  And we rely on "word of mouth" marketing.  Our priority is to retain each customer and have them recommend us to friends, peers and associates.  A simple concept and we understand it.